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Frequent Asked Questions 

Cavanbu. Travel. Save. Experience.


Frequent Asked Questions 

What is Cavanbu?

Cavanbu (cars, vans and buses) is the first online booking platform that allows you to find peer to peer car rentals or transport service providers in Ecuador.

What is peer to peer car renting?

Peer to peer car renting is a new form of shared economy which allows a person to generate an extra income by sharing his or her personal vehicles with another person while traveling in exchange of a particular amount of money, goods, services or another vehicle for that matter.

Where is peer to peer car renting available?

Peer to peer car renting is currently available in the city of Quito.

What are the requirements for car renting?

You will need to provide a valid Id or passport and a valid credit card with sufficient funds in order to book a vehicle.  Each vehicle may have different age restrictions as well as mileage and fuel policies.

Where are chauffeur services available?

Our Transport Service Providers (TSP’s) are currently based in Quito, Ecuador. They offer transfers, city tours, shuttles and multi day trips that arrive or depart Quito. TSP’s con also provide custom services from or to other cities.  Contact us if you need  to send an order for a custom service.

How can I set my exact address during booking?

We work with google maps in order to set locations points so the best way to add an address is to type the name of the place like a hotel, restaurant or point of interest.

If the system does not recognize the place you can try to add the closest location and drag the icon on the map manually for distance based services like transfers. If  you don’t know where the address is located on the map or the drag and drop feature is not available,  you can enter the name of the city and let us know the exact address in the comments in the following steps.

How do I contact my driver?

The name and contact information of your driver will be provided before every trip in case you need to reach out to him directly. Be advised most of them only speak spanish or broken english.  You can always contact customer support or call us at +593-99-061-79-49. Be mindful of any roaming charges that may apply when calling using your personal phone. We recommend purchasing a local sim card with prepaid data and minutes at Claro or Movistar seller points, both can be found at the airport.

How can I cancel an order?

You can cancel your order according to our cancelation policy.  You can send us a message with your order number to the following address

Refunds and cancellations will be governed by the following:

(1) The user will be entitled to a full refund of the total amount paid minus a processing charge of USD 25.00 if he or she cancels 14 days in advance or more before the time of departure.

(2) If the user cancels his order with 2 or 1 days in advance from time of departure he or she will be entitled to a partial refund of 50% of the total amount paid.

(3) The user will not be entitled to any refund if he or she cancels the same day of departure unless such cancelation occurs because of the following reasons:

  1. The transport service provider fails to fulfill the booking in time.
  2. The vehicle has an inferior passenger capacity from the one booked, resulting in one or more passengers left without a seat.
  3. The driver acts inappropriately or violates the route code in anyway.

Is it possible to hire the same driver for another trip?

For logistical matters we cannot guarantee the same driver will be available for another booking unless you have booked a Multi Day service or a roundtrip. If you are not satisfied by the service provided by your driver please let us know as soon as possible so we can find you another driver.

How can I bring my pet?

You can bring your pet in the vehicle as long it is kept in a crate designed for it and does not represent a risk or danger for any of the occupants or itself.  Transportation of wild, poisonous or endangered animals is prohibited and will be reported to the authorities.

Drinking and smoking policy

Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages inside the vehicle is not allowed.


We believe tips are the outcome of an excellent service. Our drivers work hard in order to provide you with the best travel experience. You may tip your driver at your own discretion. However, drivers are not authorized to ask you anything in return or offer you additional services directly.

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